Pragya has had long experience of working with the whole chain in the development sector, and clear understanding therefore of issues and priorities at all levels.

The Pragya team has successfully worked with many organizations, departments and institutions, both national and international, and has a set of satisfied clients.

We have worked in a wide range of areas, sectors, and on a number of programs and issues: water & sanitation, micro and small enterprise, women’s development, forestry, income generation & microfinance, and environment & ecology, among others.
Our Assignments
Appropriate Management of Natural Resources in Cold Desert Regions

An evaluation of the Desert Development Program of the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, recasting it for cold desert regions, and developing a model for the appropriate development of cold deserts.

Being a distinct biome, cold deserts need focused research and a concerted effort in terms of natural resource management, especially in the light of their vulnerable ecosystems and highly deficient natural resource status. However, their remoteness has led to them being severely neglected, while development trends are leading to increasing environment degradation. Pragya worked with the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India to recast the Desert Development Program, till then designed for hot deserts, to develop norms and schemes suitable for the cold desert areas of the country. The project involved collaborative research involving concerned department staff and R&D institutions as well, into the environmental conditions and development mediators in the Himalayan cold deserts, in order to evolve a model for appropriate development and environment monitoring for the region. The findings of the study have been used as inputs for modifications in the government-delivered Desert Development Programme to make it applicable to the cold deserts.


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