Disaster Relief
J&K - 2014
Nepal Earthquake

As the raging monsoons continue to wreck havoc in northern India, millions of people are forced out of their homes due to floods and landslides. In flood ravaged states of Bihar and Assam, people are struggling to meet their basic needs of food, shelter, healthcare. With 440 people dead, 10.8 million people marooned by flood waters, Bihar is among the worst hit. Pragya team is reaching out to people in flood affected villages in Araria and Kishangunj districts of Bihar.

Your support can help us expand our relief efforts, and cater to the needs of thousands more who require assistance.

If you would like to help us in addressing immediate relief needs of the flood victims, please contact:

+91 124 283 9009;
+91 81307 75455
+44 20 3770 0393

Pragya’s target areas are ecologically fragile regions zones, and characterized by a complex interplay of climatic and geomorphological processes. The unpleasant face of development and increasing biotic pressure in recent years have brought the natural resources under severe strain and escalated desertification. These regions have always been prone to frequent natural hazards, both of a meteorological and geophysical origin. Climate change has brought with it new threats and increasingly frequent environmental disasters, such as droughts, flash floods, and Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOFs), which cause immense destruction to life and property and lead to breakdown of public infrastructure as well. The inaccessibility of remote regions renders response and communication to disaster events and the reach of relief difficult.

Pragya is committed to the safety of communities in remote areas in South Asia and East Africa. We work to address this through an integrated disaster management philosophy, beginning with vulnerability assessment and risk zonation and associated planning, involving local stakeholders in the process. Their capacity is built and they are assisted to mitigate disaster risks and create measures for protection.

Relief and response activities in the event of a disaster include need assessment and disaster information management, rescue and relief for survivors, psycho-social counseling and post-disaster reconstruction.
The project is being implemented in:
The entire Indian and Nepal Himalayas.
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