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The Humanitarian Crisis at Horn of Africa

The countries in the Horn of Africa are facing severe drought conditions, with Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia the worst hit. Across stretches of Mogadishu, Uganda, South Sudan and Eritrea the rains have failed leaving the people facing the effects of the worst drought and famine in living memory. Millions of children, and adults are suffering from hunger and malnutrition. Every day, more and more people are fleeing their unproductive land and flocking to towns and relief camps. Children and old people are the worst sufferers often having to travel for days on foot under the harsh sun to reach the camps.

As the worsening drought spreads across Eastern Africa, UN Estimates reveal that over 10 million people in northern Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea and South Sudan require humanitarian aid to overcome the worst regional drought in last 60 years. At least 3.5 million people in Kenya are suffering from food insecurity. Turkana district in north Kenya has experienced malnutrition rates of up to 37.4%; the highest in last 20 years and more than double the threshold level (15%) prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Prices of food-grains have been soaring everyday forcing people to rely on only one meal a day, often of poor nutritional value. People have to walk five times the average distance to collect drinking water. Most water sources have dried up, many rendered unfit for human use. Pastoralists in the region have been the worst hit - their herds stolen by rival groups or weakened and died due to the drought. As resources dwindle across the entire region the threat of conflict grows ever more acute.

How you can help ?

Pragya has launched a relief operation for the victims of the drought in Turkana and Laikipia districts in Kenya's Rift Valley Province. We will be working with our country office in Nairobi to help the people of north Kenya survive the current crisis and rebuild their lives and livelihoods.

If you would like to help us in rebuilding the lives of Kenya’s drought victims, please contact: info@pragya.org

For additional information, please refer to:-
Assessment Summary

PRAGYA in Kenya

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P.O. Box - 103635 00101
Nairobi, Kenya
Ph. No: +254 020 3342120/3342225

Ongoing projects:
1. Medicinal Plants for Health and Livelihoods in Sub-Saharan Africa
2. Water & Sanitation for Pastoral Communities in Arid Lands
3. Education & Skill-Building

Relief Needs

Preliminary assessment reveals need for:

  • Food supply to Early Childhood care & Development Centres (ECDs)
  • Food for infants (Corn Soy Blend - CSB/Nutrimix)
  • Food supply for schools and adults (maize, beans, salt, oil etc)
  • Water tanks and filters in schools
  • Cattle dips
  • Veterinary drugs
  • Support for cottage industries

Our efforts

Pragya has carried out a preliminary survey to understand the magnitude of damage caused to the people in north Kenya and the kind of inputs needed for the daily sustenance and livelihood of the people and their animals. Our team members on the field are constantly interacting with the people from the areas affected to understand the extent of the damage and the most critical needs. To get more details on the field data collected by our staff and other partners, please refer to the assessment summary. Pragya Kenya office would implement our relief efforts on ground in the Turkana and Laikipia districts.


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