Herbal Wealth of Himalayas
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Eco-management in Himalayas
Food Security & Climate Resilience
Despite their remoteness and inaccessibility, the high-altitude Himalayas have suffered from a high level of human and climate change-induced biodiversity loss and habitat degradation. Vegetation in the area is already scant and water resources meagre as a result of the high altitude conditions; climate change and anthropogenic factors are contributing to increasing desertification as well. Apart from ecological damage to the hotspot, this has contributed to severe natural resource stress experienced by inhabitants, with associated issues of impoverishment as a result of impacts on natural resource based livelihoods.

Pragya aims to improve the state of the Himalayan ecosystem and reduce the natural resource stress for the communities of high altitude Himalayas. We are working on a range of ecosystem conservation measures, involving local communities in management of common property resources, and encouraging conservation actions. Alongside, interventions are also seeking to improve resource use towards sustainability of ecosystem services.

The project is being implemented in:
the cold deserts of the western Indian Himalayas and in Arunachal Pradesh in the eastern Indian Himalayas.
Snow reservoir - Demul

Pragya constructed a snow reservoir for the Demul community to enable them to harvest the abundant snowfall in and around...
Zing - Murtijaa

Murtija is a small hamlet in Lahaul valley, with 12 households. The community sought to reclaim a large wasteland...

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