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Eco-management in Himalayas
Food Security & Climate Resilience
Farming communities in rural India are experiencing unique climatic challenges with little access to state support in meeting these. Several regions suffer endemic poverty and lack of infrastructure, and are characterised by poor quality soils, geological instability, and highly sensitive microclimates – with climate change disproportionately impacting the local ecology and lives of the rural inhabitants. Against this backdrop, smallholding farmers struggle to produce enough quality crops to earn a living and feed their families. These huge agricultural challenges demand innovative, climate-smart solutions, tailored to fit localised geographic variances.
Geographic Outreach to date:
Assam, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand states in India.
Polyhouses in the Himalayas
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Promoting nutri-dense farming
Through kitchen gardens to meet the nutritional gaps of the vulnerable communities in the Indian Himalayas. Read more...

Pragya takes a multifaceted, comprehensive approach to tackling poverty and food insecurity in rural India, employing a combination of agricultural extension and enterprise support services, along with participatory crop research and knowledge- sharing networks, whilst harnessing the opportunities afforded by appropriate technologies and digital platforms. At a local level, Pragya establishes Local Agri- Clinics, knowledge hubs accessible to farmers to enable them to improve their agricultural practices. These centres are equipped with a wide variety of agricultural information sources including access to Pragya’s pioneering crop-advisory database and local weather forecasts. The Local Agri-Clinics also provide a meeting space for farmers to discuss any issues and challenges, and are overseen by Agricultural Advisors, local youth trained to provide precision farming advice for smallholders, undertaking soil testing as necessary and advising on the most appropriate crops, cultivation techniques, and newer technologies available to increase and improve the farmers’ agricultural output.

We also empower experienced smallholding farmers to undertake localised crop research to ascertain what agricultural opportunities may be offered by crops not traditionally cultivated in the area, as well as experimentation with methods for improving the yield and quality of traditional staple crops. The knowledge gained from such research plots is then shared amongst the community and applied in several ways.

Additionally, we promote smallholder enterprise through the establishment of farmer cooperatives able to supply in bulk and so gain access to larger buyers whilst cutting out unnecessary middlemen; cooperatives also provide insurance to members and function as a knowledge-sharing network. We support local value addition through our Agri-Business Centres that provide post-harvest processing and storage solutions, and farmers also have access to our agricultural enterprise database, which contains a wealth of business-support information.

Regionally, Pragya establishes location-tailored agricultural advisory services, a collaborative network bringing together local, regional and national agricultural stakeholders (including research bodies, weather stations, NGOs, universities, government departments and agricultural specialists) to share knowledge, facilitate ideas and extend inputs to smallholding farmers for improved agricultural outcomes.

Pragya’s Agricultural Extension and Climate Smart Agriculture programme is bringing a wide variety of positive changes to rural communities in northern India. Through this vital work, we are:

  • Increasing the agricultural productivity of smallholding farmers in the face of climate change, by researching climate-resilient crops, and disseminating this information to farmers through networks of Agricultural Advisors, Local Agri- Clinics, our crop advisory database, and news bulletins
  • Increasing farmers’ incomes, by connecting them to bigger markets and supporting negotiations for a fair deal, through the establishment of farmer cooperatives able to access major buyers, whilst adding value locally through post-harvest processing as part of our enterprise support package
  • Inspiring youth to take a supportive role in their community as Agricultural Advisors, whist equipping them with a number of marketable skills that improve their long-term prospects
  • Generating ideas and facilitating debate among experts from a variety of relevant disciplines, through our agricultural advisory network

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