Herbal Wealth of Himalayas
Herbal Wealth of Africa
Eco-management in Himalayas
Food Security & Climate Resilience
Medicinal plants are an important component of the flora of the drylands as well as highlands and forests in East Africa. They play a significant role in people’s lives, in their healthcare and food sufficiency. Only about 30% of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa has access to modern health care and pharmaceuticals; the remaining rely on traditional medicines, chief constituents of which are the medicinal plants that grow in the region. These plants are also food supplements and serve as a source of food security during extreme events in drylands, such as droughts and famines. Besides, the medicinal plants and herbal products derived from them have a rapidly growing global market, and impoverished local communities have the opportunity for participating in the mainstream economy via medicinal and aromatic plants based livelihoods. However, degradation of natural habitats is leading to a rapid depletion of this herbal wealth, and several species are critically endangered.

Pragya is working for the conservation and sustainable utilisation of the medicinal & aromatic plants of East Africa. We promote the cultivation of high-value herbal species as alternative cash crops by local communities, and their processing and marketing, thereby enhancing farmer incomes.

We also encourage community stewardship for the protection of the plants in the wild and preservation of the ethnobotanic traditions.
Geographic Outreach to date:
Kakamega, Laikipia, Samburu counties in Kenya
Conservation Advocacy Training at Isecheno
Kenya attended by the participants in acknowledging their role to become advocates for strategizing the action plan for the conservation of the natural resources. Read more...

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