Herbal Wealth of Himalayas
Herbal Wealth of Africa
Eco-management in Himalayas
Food Security & Climate Resilience
The Indian Himalayas is a globally recognised biodiversity hotspot and its great heights are a storehouse of the most rare and valuable species of medicinal & aromatic plants. These plants are an integral part of the culture of the local communities of the Himalayas, woven into their lives in innumerable ways and a major input for the healthcare of the rural poor. They are also a source of lean season sustenance for high altitude fauna. However, uncontrolled collection from the wild and degradation of natural habitats is leading to a rapid depletion of this herbal wealth, and several species are critically endangered, as the market for alternative medicine and demand from pharmaceutical industries explode.

Pragya is working for the conservation and sustainable utilisation of the medicinal & aromatic plants of the Indian Himalayas. We promote the cultivation of high-value herbal species as alternative cash crops by local communities, thereby enhancing farmer incomes. We also encourage community stewardship for protection of the plants in the wild and preservation of the ethnobotanic traditions. A pragmatic mix of in-situ and ex-situ interventions characterizes our strategy.

Geographic Outreach to date:
Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand states in India.
Prioritising the species
Prioritising the specific species in the Himalayan region by developing database and conducting the necessary monitoring. Read more...
Med-plant Nursery - Stakna

The CPR nursery assisted by Pragya at Stakna village of Ladakh promises enhanced income generation...

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