As a nation, India suffers exceptionally high Maternal Mortality Rates (MMR), representing 25% of all childbirth-related deaths globally. Incidence of maternal mortality is particularly concentrated among communities in mountainous and other remote areas, with some regions hitting over double the national average. This appalling situation stems from lack of adequate ante- and postnatal care, with approximately half of all pregnant women in some underserved regions receiving no maternal healthcare at all. This failure follows a combination of factors, including a severe shortage of quality medical facilities and qualified staff, poor access to those medical facilities that are available due to long distances or challenging terrain, and little understanding amongst indigenous communities of the health risks associated with pregnancy, poor diet and nutrition, and poverty.

Many of the communities with which Pragya works are afflicted by high levels of malnutrition and hunger, with women and children most at risk. Whilst the basic need for a varied diet with different vitamins and minerals is taken for granted in more affluent and educated settings, it is a common misconception in remote rural communities that provided you’re not starving, your health is not at risk. Yet malnutrition can have a range of serious and life-threatening health complications, disproportionately affecting women and children.

Health awareness training in Lahaul & Spiti
Our team conducted health awareness training in Lahaul & Spiti in Himachal Pradesh where sessions were organised on preventive health care, water & sanitation.. Read more...
Menstrual hygiene awareness– Bangladesh
Group discussions and awareness sessions on menstrual hygiene and other health concerns were conducted with women and adolescent girls... Read more...
Geographic Outreach to date:
Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand states in India. Dhading, Dolpa, Nuwakot, Sindhupalchowk districts in Nepal
Improved Health and Nutrition
Education for Disadvantaged Children
Education for Sub-Saharan Africa
Basic Needs and Rights of Migrant Workers
Enhancing Status of Women
Preservation of Himalayan Culture
Active Democracy and Rights

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