We have reached 22709 individuals during the emergency relief phase. We are conducting rehabilitation operations for the victims of the flashflood in Chamoli, Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag and Pithoragarh districts in jammu and Kashmir.

We need your support towards
rebuilding the lives of the flashflood victims


INR   USD   
INR 400 USD 7:would provide baby food for a child
INR 600 USD 10 : would provide warm clothes a child
INR 1700 USD 30 : would provide safe water to 1 family
INR 2800 USD 45 : would provide cooking utensils and stove to 1 family
INR 3000 USD 50 : would provide traditional warm wear (Pheran) for 1 family
INR 4000 USD 65 : would provide locally made bedding & woollen blankets for 1 family
INR 15000 USD 245 : would provide essential learning aids and supplies to restart a damaged school
INR 15000 USD 245 : would provide medicines for 1 free medical camp serving 300 people
INR 30000 USD 500 : would provide traditional warm wear (Pheran) for 10 families
INR 40000 USD 650 : would provide locally made bedding & woollen blankets for 10 families
INR 80000 USD 1300 : would set up 1 ready-to-install community toilet to protect against water bourne diseases
INR 150000 USD 2500 : would provide medicines for 10 free medical camps, each serving 300 people
: For logistics and essential purchases.

A little help from you would go a long way towards rebuilding the
lives of the people...

Disclaimer: Please note that the list above is indicative. Pragya would allocate resources to specific interventions that require support based on needs at the ground.

Please note that we CANNOT SEND OUT OLD/USED MATERIALS as part of our flood relief operations. We have adopted the policy of new clothes/materials because:
1. We are concerned about the dignity of the people we serve.
2. Doctors and chief medical officers in the districts officially denounce old items as they could spread diseases/cause health risks to the affected population as they are already vulnerable and immunity levels are low.

Please send your contributions to:
PRAGYA in India
Pragya India
83, Sector-44 Institutional Area
Haryana, India.

Voices from the field

"Stones are still tumbling down the slopes...all people are are moving out to different locations..."

- Anonymous, jammu and Kashmir, India

"This catastrophe took away everything we had..."

- Anonymous, Uttarakhand, India

"You are like messengers of God! You were the first one to get in touch with us in this time of struggle..."

- Raj Kumar, Urni, Kinnaur

"We have not received any significant support from any agency. We are being ignored. I am glad that Pragya provided us with food supplies."

- Anil Nautiyal, Rontru-Buyana, Uttarkashi

"Many farmers had taken loans for farming. Now with the crops washed away and the fields destroyed, I don't know how we are going to pay back."

- Joginder Singh, Maneri, Uttarkashi

"I wake up in the middle of the night fearing it would rain again and the floods might threaten to wash away everything and that I need to run."

- Semaj Rana, Shyaba, Uttarkashi

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