REACH OUT! Thousands of families affected in #KeralaFloods need your help!

Kerala is experiencing the most severe floods in almost a century. Continual rainfall during the monsoon season – since May 2018 - and particularly torrential rains since the first week of August have led to accumulation of rain water in several dams in the region. Records from the India Meteorological Department show a 255 percent excess rainfall between 9 th to 15 th August 2018. On 10th August, the gates of 35 of 39 dams in the state had to be opened to drain the excess water in those, thereby stalling the potentially massive damage through dam-break. Release of the dam water alongside already accumulated water all around, aggravated the situation and submerged the river basin areas and houses in those. The continuous rain also loosened the mountain soil which triggered several landslides in many rural and sloping areas. Large scale deforestation, illegal stone quarries, unauthorised constructions on river beds added to the vulnerabilities. The combination of high-intensity rainfall within a short period, poor / compromised drainage capacity of the river basins and reservoir regulation have led to the current crisis. Many houses were destroyed, many lives lost, even agricultural lands were severely damaged due to the landslides. Roads to most areas have been cut off and communication has taken a hit due to this. Thousands of people are stranded at roof tops and high lands, waiting to be rescued. Thousands of relief camps have been set up across the state to house the displaced and rescued population.

Impact of the Disaster:
  • Preliminary estimates count a loss of 3 Billion USD.
  • Nearly 400 people have lost their lives since May 29.
  • Estimated 100,000 houses damaged
  • 221 bridges damaged
  • 10,000 kms of roads damaged
  • Lost crops in 54,000 Hectares
  • 537 landslides
  • 3 lakh farmers affected
  • 3274 Relief Camps in Kerala
  • 10,28,073 people in relief camps
The families in flood ravaged Kerala urgently need support for food, hygiene kits, medicines, clothing, and other essentials. If you would like to join us in addressing immediate relief needs of the families affected by the floods, please write to
33,387,677 Total population of Kerala State (2011 Census)
Over 1.02 million Population Displaced


Farmers with a combined agricultural land of 54 Ha affected

3 Billion USD

Estimated loss of private and public properties


Population with urgent unmet humanitarian needs residing in 3274 Relief Camps

400 (approx.)

Fatalities in the state due to landslides and flood.
Most Affected Districts


Idukki, Palakkad, Wayanad, Kannur, Ernakulum, Kottayam & Pathanamthitta were the most affected districts.

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