Pragya (UK) is a non-governmental development organisation working for the sustainable development of remote regions and deprived peoples, and conservation of the fragile ecosystems in such regions, worldwide. We undertake international development projects on critical needs in Asia and Africa, in partnership with our sister organizations and others in specific countries. We mobilize resources for these projects, manage and monitor them, and communicate and share the lessons learnt widely in the UK. We also conduct necessary research and work to develop awareness of development issues, and advocate for right programming and policies, internationally.

Pragya (UK) is registered as a Charity with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, and runs out of an office in London.

The current geographical focus of our work includes the Himalayan region in South Asia spanning India and Nepal, and the highlands and arid savannahs of East Africa spanning the countries of Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia. Our work in the UK is delivered through a small team in London and the active support of our partners in the developing countries.

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Innovative health surveillance system for women and infants

As a part of Pragya’s initiative to maternal and neonatal child health, Women’s Care Groups (WCG) have been formed in Himalayan in Himalayan villages...

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As the raging monsoons continue to wreck havoc in northern India, millions of people are forced out of their homes due to floods and landslides. In flood ravaged states of Bihar and Assam, people are struggling to meet their basic needs of food, shelter, healthcare. With 440 people dead, 10.8 million people marooned by flood waters, Bihar is among the worst hit. Pragya team is reaching out to people in flood affected villages in Araria and Kishangunj districts of Bihar.

Your support can help us expand our relief efforts, and cater to the needs of thousands more who require assistance.

If you would like to help us in addressing immediate relief needs of the flood victims, please contact:
+44 20 3770 0393

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