Water & Sanitation for Pastoral Communities in Kenya
Energy Technologies for Mountain Regions in India
Water and Sanitation for Rural Communities in India and Nepal

The pastoral communities in the arid savannah lands are faced with severe water stress as a consequence of changes in land tenure and thereby access to water resources, and the reduced water in rivers and lakes as a result of climate change. There is increasing competition for water resources, which gives rise to conflicts. Increased use of the water sources has also affected the quality of water available. In the absence of sanitation and water purification measures, this leads to a high incidence of gastro-intestinal diseases. Given the lack of access to health facilities, this leads to frequent outbreaks of epidemics and is a major cause of infant mortality.

Pragya aims to address the issue of depletion and degradation of water resources, and improve water security for pastoral peoples in the savannah lands of East Africa. We also seek to ensure safe water, adequate and appropriate sanitation, and good health for the pastoral settlements. We are working on moulding/developing methods and techniques for water management to suit the unique conditions and requirements of the pastoral people and the savannah lands.

We are promoting the adoption of these and also developing local capacity and enterprises for their increased spread and uptake.
Geographic Outreach to date:
Laikipia, Samburu, Turkana counties in Kenya
Improving Water and sanitation in Kenya

Pragya Kenya team is undertaking a secondary research on the counties/sub-counties/regions that score low on sanitation through information on the number of toilet facilities and reported cases of cholera, typhoid, dysentery etc.

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