Pragya (US) is a non-governmental development organisation working for the sustainable development of remote regions and deprived peoples, and conservation of the fragile ecosystems in such regions, worldwide. Pragya in the US seeks to develop awareness of development issues, particularly with respect to marginalized sections in underserved regions of South Asia and East Africa, and other similar areas in the developing world. We also work to raise resources and support for our grassroots work in developing countries, conduct necessary research, monitor funded projects and communicate about our work with stakeholders and the public in the US.

Pragya (US) is registered as a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt non-profit. Pragya (US) operates from an office in New York.

The current geographical focus of our work includes the Himalayan region in South Asia spanning India and Nepal, and the highlands and arid savannahs of East Africa spanning the countries of Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia. Our work in the US is delivered through a small office in New York.

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DEISPI for improving students’ performance

Pragya is piloting DEISPI, a tool to improve learning levels, instructional quality, school infrastructure & management, and educational policy planning. It generates performance scores for participating...

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The onset of the monsoons in North India has caused widespread flooding in the states of Assam and Bihar, leading to extensive damage, with over a 100 people dead, and 4.2 million people affected. Pragya is working to provide emergency relief to the people most affected by this disaster. Your support can help us expand our relief efforts, and cater to the needs of thousands more who require assistance.

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