We have not climbed these mountains on our own. We have been helped, supported and aided in all our endeavours by national foundations, government bodies and international organisations, who have provided us with funding and specialised inputs and partnered us in implementing our projects.

There have been many like-minded people and institutions as well who have also walked this path with us and helped us with their support.

We along with the last-mile communities are

indebted to all of them.

Listed below are some key donors and clients:

Government-Multilateral Bodies
Canada Fund for Local Initiatives
European Commission
Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India
Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India
Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India
Ministry of Woman & Child Development, Govt. of India

Foundations & Trusts, Corporate bodies
Alan & Nesta Charitable Trust
Ashmore Foundation
Big Lottery Fund
Botanic Gardens Conservation International
Comic Relief
Environment Justice Foundation
Four Acre Trust
Global Greengrants
Japan Bank for International
Whitley Fund for Nature
Karuna Trust
National Foundation for India
Overseas Aid Committee of the Isle of Man
Plantlife International
Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts-
Ashden Trust; JJ Charitable Trust, Staples Trust
Sir Ratan Tata Trust
Tourism Cares
Waterloo Foundation
ENVIRON Foundation
Innocent Foundation
The International Foundation
The Rufford Foundation

Individual donors

There have been several individual donors who have supported us with funds and with material inputs, volunteered on our projects, promoted our work, and motivated us and aided us with their suggestions.

Our projects are delivered in partnership with many other organizations of specialized competence and/or a key development role, and aims and goals that converge with ours. We partner international organizations located in the developed world for the purpose of resource mobilization and research and technology development. In the developing countries we work in, we collaborate with local civil society organizations for the purpose of advocacy and for influencing local policies and programming. We partner with grassroots organizations for enhancing our reach, and with specialized organizations and research and training bodies, for accessing their knowledge and services for an improved delivery of our projects.

We are strongly aligned with national development plans and programs in our work, and often work in tandem with government departments at the district and state level, and ministries and State technical bodies at the national level. We engage with and provide our inputs to policymaking bodies of the government in the countries we work in, on a regular basis.

Some key collaborations:

with Whitley Fund for Nature and Plantlife in the UK, for conservation of medicinal plants in the Himalayas

with the Karuna Trust, for community-based management of indigenous culture, education and strengthening indigenous rights in the Himalayas

with Jodo Gyan in India, on delivery of education and information services to Himalayan communities and migrant workers

with KIRDARC and MWA for service delivery in Nepal

with Forest Research Institute and Indian Institute of Technology (Roorkee) for technical inputs and training.

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