Title :In Their Elements
Commissioned by :UK Environment Film Fellowship
Year :2007
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  • BBC WILDLIFE, February, 2001, after naming the Pragya project as an ACTION STATION, "The biggest step has been to convince a community preoccupied with day-to-day survival that it’s worth, looking at the long term, cultivating something that will give you returns only in five years time"...
  • Vidhi Tambiah, Management Consultant, Price Waterhouse Coopers, July 14, 2000 "...The enthusiasm and energy of the team coupled with their ingenuity of thought and devotion to their cause mean solutions come thick and fast. Pragya is well suited to its environment. Like the mountains, the range of personalities and skills is wide; like the air, members’ qualities are rare, and like the altitude, the quality of management is high...", on visiting the Pragya project in Lahaul and Spiti, at 3800m above sea level.
  • Ben Samson, Arid Area Specialist, July 17, 2000 "...a group of young people who have not yet stopped dreaming and hoping to make the world around you a better place..."
  • Doris Capistrano, Ford Foundation, New Delhi "...very important cultural and medicinal plants conservation activities..., very challenging and physically taxing..."
  • Dr. D. Ramakrishnaiah, Deputy Commissioner (DPAP), Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, March 3, 2001 "The Pragya team has professional competence in their work, and have good reputation and acceptance in the villages they are working..."
  • Arvind Kumar, Asst. Inspector General of Forests, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, "Pragya is carrying out commendable work on biodiversity conservation and tribal development in the remote and difficult Himalayan region of our country..."
  • Femina, May 15, 2002 - "Pragya’s strength lies in the local people. The team decides on the project only after finding out what the locals really want and their levels of involvement... Pragya has given a lot back to the mountain regions..."


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