The Pragya mission is ‘To shape & enable holistic, sustainable development with a focus on vulnerable and neglected communities and ecosystems.’
We work in those remote, difficult areas that lie in the rain-shadow of research and development attention, where the minimum requirements for supporting development do not exist, such as high mountain regions and areas emerging from conflict. Through our work we take to these areas the technologies that facilitate endogenous & appropriate development, empower the indigenous communities for development action, and promote supportive policies at national & international levels.
The Pragya vision is of indigenous communities and last-mile populations enjoying the benefits of development alongside those of their natural & cultural heritage, and a high level of ‘regional happiness’.
We recognize a people’s happiness to be a state of being that will follow from actions that assure a blend of values that are intrinsically ‘of the region’ and select external development inputs that are not at dissonance with the former. We would like to see our work contribute to making the communities of the regions we work in a happy people, economically and culturally satisfied, secure and in harmony with the natural environment, while also enjoying all the benefits of modern technologies and ways of life that they choose and having a position of respect in the world.
Pragya means transcendental wisdom that leads to realization. The Pragya logo is the team's visualization of its objectives and activities. The upward spiral indicates the movement of systems in the process of development. The colors green and gold are symbolic of the dual commitment of the team- ‘development without destruction' and ‘empowerment for enabling choices'.
Development without destruction
Pragya believes that the development of a region needs to be closely attuned to its unique ecology and culture. Our interventions combine development and conservation activities, addressing people’s core needs while also helping to preserve the rich heritage of the region. Appropriate technologies are infused, blending them with the traditional knowledge of the communities.
Empowerment for enabling choices
All Pragya projects are anchored strongly with local communities. Pragya emphasises that local people participate in their development and take responsibility for project activities. Interventions build capacities of local people so that they can manage their cultural & natural heritage and address their development goals. Endogenous systems & organisations are also created that help address people’s needs with minimal dependence on external support.

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