The regions that Pragya works in are among the most neglected in terms of research and development attention. We are working on addressing this gap, our members engaged in research activities directed at assessing the needs and developing technologies to ameliorate the constraints of remote and ecologically fragile regions. Several studies have been carried out that are being used for policy determination & formulation. These are on various developmental issues, ranging from role of civil society to micro-enterprise development to management of common property resources.


Call for papers on Gender, Governance and Agriculture

Abstracts are invited for a special issue of International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology. Last date for submission of abstracts is: 28th February 2014. Once shortlisted, the full papers would be due by 30th April 2014.


Application Research and Technology Dissemination:

The secluded and insulated existence of the communities we serve has resulted in huge technological gaps. Successful technologies that are in use in other parts of the world for resource management and sustainable use, agricultural development and enhancing livelihoods, are not appropriate for adoption in these parts and very few attempts have been made to develop technologies specifically for such regions. Hence, the rural communities are completely dependent on traditional knowledge and indigenous technologies that however have not been able to meet the demands of modern times.

Policy Research Studies:

An ongoing initiative of Pragya is the effort to enhance the understanding of remote areas and peoples among key influencers and the wider public, and address the current neglect in terms of development attention and policy focus. Our studies seek to examine critical issues and potential solutions, and help extend the frontiers of knowledge on the region with findings being used for policy determination and formulation.

Knowledge Management:

Remote and unserved regions of the world are uncharted territory except for the intrepid traveller, and their people continue to exist in relative obscurity. This has gravely hampered the development of such regions. In the absence of adequate information and research, policies usually fail to respect their geographical identity and address their unique problems. Pragya initiatives seek to undertake appropriate research and create a compendium of information on such regions, to enhance understanding among policy-makers and awareness in development workers, and thus catalyse area-specific policies & interventions. The initiatives also seek to document and thereby, preserve and revitalize the rich natural and cultural heritage of less-known peoples and regions.

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