The development divide between urban, better developed areas and rural, pristine areas is frequent as the latter do not receive the leading edge technologies and focussed result-orientation that the former receive. Pragya is a pioneer in closing this gap. The Pragya team is multidisciplinary, a mix of specialists from the varied fields of agriculture, botany, engineering, management, design, museology, geography and anthropology. We integrate in our team training in social research, experience in development projects, and outstanding analytical and change management skills. A team with a business mind-set in its development work, Pragya members ensure a focus on things like performance, viability and effectiveness while addressing development issues. The common thread that binds this diverse and talented team is a strong sense of commitment towards equitable and appropriate development of indigenous peoples and pristine regions of the world.

Mary Ipe
Sejuti Basu

Martin Mugambi Irungu
Gibson Cherwon Tott
Faith Njeri Kithuka
Prabin Shakya

Alex Kirkwood

The members of the Pragya Board(s) bring to the organization their superior understanding of the development sector, as well as other sectors including academia, industry and media, and a special sentiment for and keen understanding of the less developed and unreached areas. Pragya is also guided by an International Advisory Board comprising experts with particular domain-specific knowledge, and a strong desire to contribute to the development of areas and peoples that Pragya works for.

Arasan Aruliah
Gargi Banerji
Jayshree Raveendran
Krishna Kumar
K. Subramanian
Mary Ipe
Pratap Rughani
Shanti Prasad
Sunil Pillai

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